Property for sale in Forfar

This Royal Burgh is located in the Howe of Angus, on the plains to the North of the Vale of Strathmore. This area boasts some extremely interesting history dating back hundreds of years, including invasion by the Romans and the Danes, displacement by the Picts – and a notoriety for witches, many of whom were burned at the stake at Witches Hollow. Today things in the area are much more civilised, but there is still beautiful architecture in the region, which speaks of the rich cultural heritage. Anyone looking for a characterful home would do well to explore the area. Property in Forfar for sale is popular and varied. While there is an abundance of traditional housing, you will also find the modern buildings preferred by some people for their mod cons. In terms of size and stature, homes here range from single bedroom apartments to expansive family houses, with price tags that are reflective of this.

Families relocate to the region based on the towns amenities, including:

  • Several primary schools
  • One high school
  • The loch and country park
  • Sporting facilities including football clubs

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